🌎 Why your business needs a website now more than ever

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Websites have been around since the '90s now. It's been nearly 30 years since Tim Berners-Lee debuted the first website on 6 August 1991. I remember when websites consisted of plain text with lousy formatting.

The web has seen many improvements since then. It is far more organized now than then. More and more people are using the web to find the products and services that they need. The web has eliminated geographical barriers. We can now trade with customers far and wide.

For most of us, googling something is the default way of finding information. A website provides an excellent way for your potential customers to find you online. Google alone handles about 5.2 billion searches per day. That's 5 billion opportunities to get your brand, product, or services discovered.

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Today, you don't need an elaborate website; instead, you need a website that helps you reach new customers and helps you generate more sales on autopilot. Traditional websites are dead, high converting sales funnels are the new way to convert your visitors from window shoppers to paying customers.

We are now also in the age of artificial intelligence and automation. Leveraging these technologies can help in improving productivity going forward. For instance, integrating an intelligent live chat on your website can allow you to qualify leads before getting on a call with them. Take advantage of these technological innovations for your benefit.

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