I, too, had a Rich Dad, a Poor Dad 👨‍👦

Stalin Kay with Robert Kiyosaki

Growing up, my father was my greatest inspiration and mentor 👨🏿‍🏫

He fascinated me quite a bit, as any father should.

He is responsible for anointing me with a highly polarizing name, Stalin!

To some, its like Hitler but to others — a savior.

To me, it is a name that literally precedes me.

A conversation starter…

…especially when interacting with folx from Europe.

But this not what this post is about.

It's actually about what my rich dad taught me.

My father, Lt. Col. Martin Eros Kapembe

Actually, my dad wasn't rich 💰 in monetary terms, he was a working-class man.

A hard-working one I might add.

He was rich in terms of life lessons.

My father didn't finish school!

He was a peasant boy, born in a small village.

A grain, really…

…in a world of sand.

He left the village to seek job opportunities around the country during apartheid.

One thing that he was particularly good at was driving.

Papa drove every kind of vehicle I know.

It was his superpower.

Legend has it; actually, he narrated this during road trips and dinners and scars to show; he drove over landmines in the war.

He was a servant leader.

He would help everyone around him.

He loved people.

Like any man, he was flawed too.

Who isn't?

I feared him more than I feared anyone else.

I had to toe the line like one of his subordinates in the army.

I was spanked to be disciplined.

This is not a post about my beatings — every time I transgressed.

It is a story about how he helped me become a better version of myself.

My father led me to study Marine Biology 🌊, Geography 🌎, and Computer Science 👨🏿‍💻.

I dropped out, BTW.

But I eventually got back into academia.

I'm currently wrapping up some research work into an e-Learning algorithm for helping learners learn better.

My dad believed in education, possibly because of his experiences.

I also believe in education but a different kind of education that doesn't require one to spend years frequenting lecture rooms.

A lifelong education 📚✈️

Education should be an ongoing pursuit of the meaning of life.

There are lessons around us every day.

My father taught me that we become the people we surround ourselves with.

As such, I choose who I let into my inner circle with a fine-tooth comb precision.

Like-minded people only!

He also taught me that nothing is impossible as long as you keep persevering every day.

My motto is imagine the impossible because nothing really is impossible.

My father taught me how to love unconditionally…

I am love — in the words of India Arie ❤️

What had the most profound effect on me was his love for social gatherings.

My 6-year-old son, named after him, has the same kind of energy.

He actually makes the lessons from my dad even more deep-felt.

It's kinda like mine, and my dad's roles are reversed.

I'm his father.

And he is my son.

Every day I teach my son old and new lessons on love, life, sales, technology, and creativity.

I also learn from him and the world around us daily.

As much as I love to disconnect every now and then…

…there's no survival without some kind of human interaction.

As entrepreneurs trading our products and services for currency, for instance, would otherwise be impossible.

I know…

…I know nothing is impossible! 😉

RIP dad…

I am because he was.

What has life taught you, and how are you improving yourself every day?

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