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A positive pregnancy test

I recently learned a valuable lesson on how we, human beings, function.

Did you know that everything in this world is created twice?

Think about that for a second.

Our survival largely depends on our organs.

The systems that make us living beings.

Arguably, our brain stem is the most important organ systems we have 🧠

Because everything we do is first created in our minds, the inner world 🌎

And then the outer world.

Everything we see was created in someone's mind first, and then it manifested in the outer world.

I was astonished when @robinbanks explained it.

I never consciously thought of it that way.

If you don't have complete control of your inner world, how do you expect to win the fierce battle raging outside?

Planning is key.

But we can't live all our days out planning.

We should plan and execute.

And fail!

Yes, failure is a requisite for success 🚀

There's no other way out.

How can your business thrive online if you are not continually coming up with new ideas in your mind and testing them out?

Let me leave you with this…

…there are a world of experts out there who have already failed so you can succeed.

You don't need to know and understand everything.

Simply seek the counsel of an expert practitioner.

Ultimately, your success is up to you and nobody else.

Whatever you do or whatever you are doing, I hope you are not stuck in one place.

And you are taking care of your mind. 🤯

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