What Can You Learn from the Matrix as an Entrepreneur? πŸ•Ά πŸ§₯πŸ₯ΌπŸ–₯

Stalin Kay


Quite a bit, if you ask me 😎

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One of my favorite movies 🍿 of all time is the Matrix.

I love the Matrix, so let me warn you…

…this is a passion-filled post.

I wanted to cut it short, but this is just too important a topic to keep brief.

In 2003, the Wachowski Brothers released what would be the final movie in a series of three, Matrix Revolutions, at the time.

Since that chapter closed, people would often tell me, "Stalin, that movie is confusing as hell; it doesn't make sense. It's a movie for nerds." πŸ™†πŸΏ‍♂️

Being a nerd myself, I've found it challenging to explain it for many years.

Of course, it's not a movie for everyone…

…but I believe everyone can benefit from its lessons.

It finally hit me — recently…

…that maybe, just maybe…

We shouldn't spend so much time trying to analyze and understand everything.

I've been a certified Bonafide Overthinker for years.

And nothing gets done when you are overthinking something.

Sometimes, we should just jump headfirst.

Kinda like falling in love, there's nothing rational about falling in love. 😍

Ask me about it.

Emotions are not rational.

Yet love just works when you find the right companion.

We should instead explore and take the road less traveled.

In the first Matrix movie, Neo, a character played by Keanu Reeves, was presented with two conflicting choices.

The RED pill or the BLUE pill? πŸ’Š

The red pill was a choice to discover the whole truth.

And should he have taken the blue pill, he would have stayed in the fake world which he believed to be the real world, by the way.

You see, Neo joined a rebellion without thoroughly reading and understanding the small print.

In fact, it was never presented to him.

But he did join the resistance, all the same.

And he became Zion's saviour, The One.

Perhaps more so because his guide was someone he idolized and trusted, Morpheus, the role portrayed by Lawrence Fishburne.

Surprisingly, the trilogy does provide some great advice.

And it wasn't uttered by any of the famous characters.

It wasn't Morpheus, Neo nor Trinity, played by Carrie-Anne Moss.

It came from one of the lesser-known characters who "had little more than one line in each of the Matrix sequels."

Councilor West, played by Dr. Cornel R. West, a Harvard professor in real life, among other things.

A proverbial golden nugget!

"Comprehension is not a requisite of cooperation."

What I took from Dr. West's word is this…

…we don't need to understand everything to cooperate and see where it leads.

Or even better to benefit!

I think the future demands us to unlearn what the past has taught us because most of it is NOW irrelevant.

Take on some new diversified risks.

Risk is a requirement for success.

I have failed over and over.

I'm a lot like Neo because I'm generally inclined to create my own trail and break with tradition.

After all, traditions are norms established by those that came before us often for the sake of their own survival.

Something that made sense for people at the time.

Through the years, the human race had to adapt or die.

In the Matrix, much like in the real world…


The Matrix was destroyed and rebuilt many times.

Every successive version was better than the previous one.

Civilizations have come and gone.

Smart entrepreneurs aren't sitting around, waiting for trends to happen.

They are doing everything necessary to learn where things are headed.

Some seek expert advice.

And make their decision based on the data.

Sitting around, hoping, is not a strategy.

And smart entrepreneurs evolve and position themselves correctly to profit…

…inspite of our essence as human beings…

…being our beliefs.

As humanity, we find ourselves at the fork in the road again.

The only people who stand to profit are those who choose to take a chance on themselves.

Are you going to embrace the future or stick to what you know?

Are you an overthinker?

How many opportunities have already passed you by?

The Matrix is real.

Are you woke or still WIDE asleep?

Are you going to take the BLUE pill (remain how you are, where you are?), or the RED pill (learn new things and take risks for profit)?

If you take the blue pill, your life remains the same, and you stay in wonderland.

But if you take the red pill, I'll be your Morpheus.

I'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

And I'll help your business Thrive Online through Marketing + Music + Technology, Think Automation πŸ“£ πŸš€

The choice is yours.

I can't wait to learn from the next Matrix movie, Matrix 4.

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