Do you ever feel stupid? 🙈

Well, I do. I recently had to configure my Blogspot blog to use my custom subdomain,

I decided to do this to boost my ranking on search engines so I could benefit from more free traffic when people search on Google, Bing, or other search engines.

And I couldn't get it to work for a few days. I'm a nerd, and tech stuff is easy-peasy for me.

I tried all sorts of things, but nothing worked. Even smart guys can be stupid. Or maybe sometimes it's just a problem of overthinking things.

After taking my mind off the problem for a few days, I did the most basic of things.

I consulted the biggest library in the world, some call it Google.

And finally, I had the perfect solution. I found it on Google's own support site, RTFM.

All I needed to do was point my subdomain to The solution was that simple. The logic required to resolve the problem is nothing new to me.

Now I'm ready for more traffic to flow to my blog.

Sometimes it's better to ask someone for help. In my case, that someone was Google.

What are you stuck on right now?

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