🚀 How to get new leads through your Facebook Page on autopilot

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Leads are the backbone of any serious business. Generating leads is a concept that I hadn't grasped earlier on.

But sadly, no prospects, no sales!

Lead generation is the process of generating customer interest in your products or services. During lead generation, the goal is to get the contact details of people who match your ideal customer avatar. 😊

Lead generation can be salesy. Most people don't like the idea of selling. But finding new customers means connecting with people.

Using the setup below, you can avoid the anxiety and start getting new leads even when you are sleeping. 🥱

Here's my automated lead generation setup:

  1. MobileMonkey — a chatbot and CRM to engage and qualify leads in Facebook Messenger 💬
  2. SendGrid — an email service to welcome new leads automatically 📧
  3. ClickFunnels — a funnel builder for my opt-in and sales funnels 🤑
  4. Zapier — to connect MobileMonkey to SendGrid and ClickFunnels 🚀
  5. Hootsuite — preschedule posts on multiple social media platform simultaneously 📱
  6. Copywriting — valuable content that is proven to be of great value for my target audience to drive engagements ✍🏿
  7. Grammarly — for writing excellent and easy to read copy ✍🏿
  8. Bonus: HubSpot — offers free CRM that can host an unlimited number of contacts. It also allows you to score your leads. 🤙🏿
  9. Bonus: NameCheap — to get affordable domain names for as little as $0.99 🤙🏿

I run each message at least three times over a couple of days for maximum impact.

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