How to reach new customers online and generate infinite sales 🚀

…even if you are not good with technology

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Without customers, your business will undoubtedly fail as it can't generate revenue to sustain its operations, nor will it scale. Besides creating your products and services, getting new customers to notice your brand and getting them to buy is critical in growing your business online. Now more than ever before, customers have many product options and service outlets to spend their money on. The only way to win is to be omnipresent and leverage technology so you can save time and effort. I'll admit that technology can be cumbersome, and it's not everyone's cup of coffee. However, you don't need to be a tech genius to benefit from the available technologies and tools.

So how do you win over the hearts of your potential customers and convert them into happy, loyal, long-term paying customers?

Here's a 3 step process to help you win:

1. Plan

Firstly, to reach new customers, you'll need a winning strategy. This is kinda like how armies prepare for war. There's no way to win without the help of a reliable plan that's based on best practices. Most importantly, you need to know who your target customers are, their interests and goals, and where they are hanging out.

Getting someone to buy often requires you to pitch them your products and services multiple times — using bots and email automation can help a great deal. What makes it even more challenging is that we are not the only options available.

So it's critical to pitch your offer through multiple channels and forms. Consider using a brand soundtrack to enhance engagement and brand recognition. Think of each interaction with your prospects as a small battle towards converting them into raving customers and supporters. And you are guaranteed to lose if you are ill-prepared. Finally, make sure that your plan is measurable using relevant metrics like the average spend per customer.

2. Execute

The second step of getting new customers online is to put your plan motion. This requires you to leverage technology to implement the strategy across multiple online mediums like your website, sales funnel, app, social media, email, and or SMS. Using different creatives like plain text, links, video, audio, and graphics to engage your prospects.

The execution of it all can be time-consuming. It helps when you use a set it and forget it approach to avoid doing mundane tasks in the future. After all, that's why we need technology to save us time and effort by reducing the tasks down to turning a lever or pushing a button. There are a lot of tools available for achieving such hyper levels of automation.

3. Improve

Finally, based on the metrics you chose in the planning stage, you'll now need to evaluate whether your strategy is working or not. If it's not working, it's ok because now you can look at your entire process to find the weakest links and focus on fixing what is broken.

Even if everything is going well, there's always room for improvement. You can remove something that no longer makes sense or add something likely to improve engagement or overall sales.

Once you complete these steps, you should be well on your way to having happy, engaged, and loyal customers who are pleased to sing your praise online.

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