📱 Why didn't Apple announce a new iPhone 12 in September as usual?

Photo by Soulful Pizza from Pexels

This year has been a rollercoaster of a year. So expecting things to play out as they usually do is being overly optimistic.

So why did Apple break with tradition?

After all, Apple has all the resources at its disposal to stop anything, a market cap of more than 2 trillion US dollars as we speak. Its market cap is greater than the GDP of some countries, btw.

Let me explain what likely happened. The only way I can think of answering this is by rewinding this year back to the beginning. Or even better to just before the New Year.

Stalin holding a classic iPhone

I was attending an event a few days before New Years' eve. The event took place at a low-key spot. The speaker has a knack for predicting major world events cautioned the audience to look out for a significant event in South East Asia.

At that point, things were relatively normal, so I took it in, but I wasn't too concerned about a scary future as things were going well. After the event wrapped up. I got back to my daily routine.

Nearly one month later, news broke of the virus in January. Again, I wasn't too worried, but then I was reminded this is the central event the speaker talked about. He, too, had no clue what exactly was coming, but he knew that that's how the world works. There's a time for peace and a time for war. Time was ripe for war — and we are in it.

What does this have to do with Apple not releasing its new flagship?

The virus started in Wuhan, China — as you may be aware. Apple's leading production partner is Foxconn, which has factories based out of China. China was the first country to go on lockdown. As a result, there should be a reasonable delay, too, since it was shut down for at least a month in China, so there's a backlog that needs to be cleared before getting our shiny new toys. It may also have been a strategic decision from Apple as life hasn't gone back to normal.

Apple will likely announce the new iPhone 12 in a month or 2 in time for Black Friday and Christmas shopping. If Apple is affected, I can only imagine what smaller businesses are going through.

If you are reading this. I'm sending you some positive energy so you can pull through.

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