How to register a new domain name with NameCheap

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What is a domain name?

Your first step to getting your business online or launching a product online is domain registration. A domain name is your unique link that potential customers and fans can use to access your products, services, and other helpful resources through an internet browser. Your email host can postfix your domain name to your branded email and subdomains. You can use your branded domain name to improve brand awareness. You will discover how to register a new domain name with NameCheap in 3 steps. NameCheap domains can cost as little as $0.99.

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1. Check domain availability

Unfortunately, early adopters of the internet bought up most short domain names during the internet's early days. However, there are still plenty of great domain names that you can buy for your business or brand. Some of the biggest brands in the world own multiple domain names. It's a great idea to purchase multiple domain names if you foresee the need for it in the future.

Follow this link to find your most desirable domain. To check the availability of your desired domain name, type it into the highlighted search box. Once you click the search button, your browser will display a new page with your previously entered domain name's availability results. Take a moment to look through the results. 

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2. Pick a domain name

As a general rule, always opt for a .com domain if it's available. If your desired domain name isn't available, don't fret. Simply restart the process again and try a different variation of your domain name until you find something that fits your brand strategy. Remember to pick a domain that is easy to remember, so your customers or fans can never forget how to get to your website. Simply click the add to cart button to add your domain to the cart.

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3. Select a web and email hosting package

If you intend to build a website or get one developed for you, pick a hosting package that NameCheap will associate with your domain name. At this point, NameCheap would have conveniently recommended additional products as your domain name is just a link. You still need a server where your website and email content will be hosted. As a rule of thumb, start with the most basic package. You can always upgrade later, as your needs change. Finally, you can click the cart button in the top right corner so you can check out and pay for your brand new domain. Please note that you may be asked to register an account so you can log in and manage your domain and hosting.

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Use this link to purchase your new domain for as little as $0.99.

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