A Photography Lesson on Life


Stalin posing in front of a mirror

One upon a time.

I bought a camera.

Mostly because it was fashionable to be a photographer.

I was the go-to guy people would ask to take pictures at the social gatherings.

Weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, I was there.

It didn't matter whether it was day or night.

It was crazy most of the time. I wasn't even paid to take pictures.

Photography is challenging; you've gotta have an eye for it.

But that's not what this story is about.

I tend to sway off the path.

I have a busy mind.

Anyways, apart from taking pictures of other people, I also went around taking random photos.

You know, like the cool photographers in movies.

The explorers.

I took pictures of flowers, trees, food…

And anything that I would come across on my expeditions.

One question always seemed to pop up.

People would ask me why do you take so many pictures.

Apart from trying to build a photo bank for sale online…

…I honestly didn't have a clue why I was taking pictures of random things.

I stumbled upon the answer recently.

I can use those photos to create authentic content and get inspired by those memories.

It was Divinity preparing me for my destiny.

I thank my old self for doing weird things.

Now I have to do more weird things to make things easier for my future self.

What are you doing now to make life easier for your future self?

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